Back in November, we premiered the debut edition of The Busker Diaries. Here now is the second installment of what looks to be a phenomenal documentary mini-series from Berlin that profiles primarily buskers (street performers) from around the world, telling their story in their own words and giving us a taste of their music. In yet another compelling video, we’re introduced to Tice (short for Hatice and pronounced Teache), a German street rapper with Turkish heritage. She isn’t a busker, but they make an exception for this powerful and talented performer. She talks about what it’s like to be a female rapper in Germany, and how she uses her music as self therapy.

“They say it’s hard for women in the rap game, but I don’t let it get to me, I’m over that shit. I reckon these guys are just jealous. They can’t admit ‘hey, that sounds dope, she’s better than me,’ just cause she has a pussy.”

Ok. She’s Turkish and living in Düsseldorf. And a woman. And a female rapper. Damn. Respect.

Busker Diaries #2 – Traum from Fabian Frost on Vimeo.

The Busker Diaries will continue to feature these artists, their music and their story, in mini documentaries, and you can donate on the site to help support the artists so they can continue to create. Artists can apply to be considered for a feature or recommended by others through

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