Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to drift away on you there. I was enjoying a pleasant daydream in a vibrant summer meadow, with the soft rustle of leaves and the fragrant scent of an exotic substance in the air. No, it’s not a flashback to the 1960s, though one might think so with Brooklyn-based psychedelic wanderers Sky Picnic. This kaleidoscopic musical journey is brought to you courtesy of the third band in our Brooklyn trilogy. Their latest single “Upon Further Reflection” is from their third album, Her Dawn Wardrobe, which was released back in October on UK label Mega Dodo.

Since their first album, Farther In This Fairy Tale (originally self-released in 2010), Sky Picnic have captured the dreamy mood of 60s psychedelia with a modern sensibility (and no doubt better recording equipment). They go off on instrumental trips that have some jazz and experimental influences, which combine to fully envelop the listener. On Her Dawn Wardrobe, this interconnected album of songs flows from daytime into nighttime, and then back into dawn. If you order the limited edition gray vinyl version (which includes a digital download), the day-to-night journey is on side one and side two travels from night back into dawn.

Their live performances have included the Firefly Music Festival and Red Bull Sound Select series. Upcoming shows are Pianos in NYC on January 9; The Rock Shop in Brooklyn on January 28 and Bar Matchless in Brooklyn on February 14.

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