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Vandaveer’s “A Little Time Off Ahead” Video

Though we first introduced you to Vandaveer back in December, their album The Wild Mercury is now out, along with a really sweet (but ultimately kinda sad) video for “A Little Time Off Ahead.”

The video features the considerable talents of frontman Mark Charles Heidinger and director/animator Michael Lloyd.

“My goal for the video was to evoke the feeling of a children’s book as a complement to the song’s lyrics and melody,” declares Lloyd. “Both literally in the story arc and stylistically through a cut paper style and simple lines in the animation. Weaving elements of the real world with fantastical adventures, I hoped to convey a world and story that feel both timeless and contemporary, touching on the universal sentiment of longing for the ones we love.”

At the risk of dating myself horribly, the animation for me is kinda reminiscent of the Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing” (remember that, kids?). If you do the crime, you do the time. And sometimes even if you don’t do any crime, you do the time. Alas.

Upcoming Shows

4/8 The Southern Cafe & Music Hall – Charlottesville, VA
4/12 Columbus Theatre – Providence, RI
4/13 Atwood’s Tavern – Cambridge, MA
4/15 Union Hall – New York, NY
4/16 Club 603 – Baltimore, MD

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Introducing… Vandaveer

photo by Sarah Law

photo by Sarah Law

Insightful observations about life and irresistible folksy and closely knit male-female harmonies. That’s the strong pull of Vandaveer. Their latest single, “But Enough Of That For Now” is from their upcoming album The Wild Mercury, which is set for release on WhiteSpace Records on February 19, to be distributed by MRi / Sony RED.

“Life is such a temporary thing, it is absolutely cruel and beautiful.”
– But Enough Of That For Now

The Wild Mercury will be the band’s fifth full-length release. So where has Vandaveer been all my life? Or the better question to ask is, “where have I been all their life?” But never mind that now. Singer-songwriter Mark Charles Heidinger and vocalist Rose Guerin create some aural magic when their voices wind together. Their music is very much in the Americana vein but with a pop sensibility and smooth production values. On this latest effort, they’re joined by long-time collaborator, producer Duane Lundy, and a few of their friends who worked with them to develop the music and explore the possibilities.

They began in 2007 with debut album Grace and Speed, and from the very start, their strength was in expressive personal storytelling. Divide & Conquer followed in 2009, with A Minor Spell in 2010, Dig Down Deep in 2011 and Oh Willie Please in 2013. The songwriting and those delicious vocal harmonies stayed true throughout, though their sound was more “stripped down” on these earlier recordings. Their latest incarnation brings in that larger musical palette and a fuller, more accessible sound, though they retain the magic of the duo.

A description of the subject matter follows: “These are songs from a father to a child, a musician to his muse, a bandmate to a brother–songs of parting and return, of joy and melancholy, of life with all its paradoxes, of beauty, both indelible and ephemeral.”

There will no doubt be touring in the band’s future when the album is released, so follow them and keep an eye out.

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