Jerry Adler and Yuval Lion of Wave Sleep Wave

Jerry Adler and Yuval Lion of Wave Sleep Wave

Balkan Beat Box, Wave Sleep Wave, Mighty Tiny
The Paradise Rock Club
Thursday, June 14
8pm doors | 18+ | $16.50 advance | ::: buy tickets :::

I was instantly intrigued by the sounds of this debut album from Wave Sleep Wave, which features NYC-based Jerry Adler (The Blam and Flugente) on vocals and guitar, and Yuval Lion on drums. It’s a fantastic swirl of psychedelia, new wave, a bit of Pixies, and kind of taunting, theatrical glam vocals from Adler. Yes, please.

To see that they’re playing with the serious groove of Balkan Beat Box would be enough… and then I see that Mighty Tiny’s raucous carnival is also on the bill. Lordy. If ever there was an aerobic workout for your auditory nerves, this is most definitely it.

Wave Sleep Wave – Wave Sleep Wave by CurbCutRecords

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