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George Glass’s nifty new song “Sporto”

I have a theory. If I keep up with cool new music from my Eastside L.A. peeps as they’re putting things out through this fledgling new year, when the time comes to write my yearly ’roundup’ say in December of this year, I won’t have to wonder what everyone has been up to in the past year. I wonder how long this ambitious new project of mine will last?

So here’s a brand new song from George Glass, off their upcoming album. It’s got a nice, dreamy laid back West Coast sound with pretty harmonies and seems somehow to be a song about a hungry monster with beady eyes being lonely living at the top (this is from a few listens on my crappy Netbook; let’s see how far off base I am). The new album called Welcome Home is imminent, as in “any day now.”

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George Glass: Welcome Home

Coming out of their previous incarnation as Death To Anders, in Autumn 2009 Nicholas Ceglio (guitar, vocals) and Peter DiBiasio (bass) joined forces with a “mysterious Bay Area drifter,” drummer Nathan Kondor, to become George Glass. They released their debut self-titled EP in October 2010, and performed around Silver Lake and Echo Park, Los Angeles. This is their debut music video from their self-titled EP released in October of last year. The Buster Keaton-style video features the effervescent Sarah Negadhari of The Happy Hollows.

I’m not feeling terribly clever today, so I’ll just say that I first came across these guys as Death to Anders, in the midst of my Silver Lake Awakening a few years ago, and mentioned their George Glass rebirth back in February of last year, when Web in Front first streamed their demo “Call it Whatever.” Since their self-titled debut, they also released a 3-track EP called Sunshine.

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