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Org: Literati, with Jaggery, Gem Club, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox & others at Club Oberon Tomorrow night!

Org: Literati – a literature inspired performance
Thursday, November 8 at Club Oberon
2 Arrow Street (Harvard Square), Cambridge, MA
doors: 7:30pm, show at 8pm | 18+ | adv tickets: $20 seating, $15 standing / day of tickets: $20 standing, $25 seating | BUY TICKETS

It’s a special occasion tomorrow night at Club Oberon, as Singer Mali (of Jaggery) will be hosting a rare public Org. This time the theme is literature, and a fantastic line-up of performers in various disciplines—music, poetry and prose, dance, theatre, film—will be performing works inspired by writers “from Yeats to Genet to Dostoevsky.” Jaggery will also be celebrating the release of their EP Private Violence, which is inspired by Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. The evening will be hosted by former English professor Mika Cooper—a nice touch.

Featured performers: Gem Club, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, Eileen Little, UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb, Jennifer Hicks, Jaggery and live artist Kristilyn Stevenson.

It is suggested that you come dressed as your favorite literary character, and that you bring a copy of your favorite book that you’re willing to part with.

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Bent Wit Cabaret: Obsession @ Oberon on Sunday

Bent Wit Cabaret: Obsession
Club Oberon, Harvard Square
Sunday, April 10, 2011
Bent Wit Cabaret is part of a regular series at Club Oberon. Tickets run $10-35, and are available at or at OBERON, 2 Arrow St., Cambridge, MA. The show starts at 8pm, and seating is limited.

For their first show of the year, Bent Wit Cabaret will be examining the theme of Obsession, with a crazy cast that includes “regulars” such as co-hostesses Karin Webb and Mary Dolan, Sugar Dish (The Slutcracker), burlesque artist Femme Brulee, Lainey SchoolTree, and Bent Wit Cabaret’s house band, Elephant Tango Ensemble. The band features Valerie Thompson and Vessela Stoyanova (Goli) on vocals/cello and MIDI marimba; and Nate Greenslit (HUMANWINE, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?) on percussion.

Special features this evening will be Brian King from “What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?”, commedia antics by Behind The Mask, spoken word by Jha D, bellydance by the exotic Divine Filth and video shorts curated by the madmen at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

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Boston Bands This Week…

The New Collisions, John Powhida (and The International Airport), What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? (photo by Katrine Wheeler) and Goli (photo by Karen Clunes).

The New Collisions, John Powhida (and The International Airport), What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? (photo by Katrine Wheeler) and Goli (photo by Karen Clunes).

For this edition, we’re starting the week on Sunday (today), since I forgot to mention tonight’s Bent Wit Cabaret show last time. Their theme is “Mystery,” and the performance will feature spoken word artist Jha D, magician Dezrah the Strange, burlesque by Penny Candy and Abby Normal, The System of Soothing (a 7 minute opera by Frank Pesci based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe), and much more. There’s The Boston Waterfront Performing Arts Festival at Christopher Columbus Park (in the North End) on Tuesday (8/10), featuring Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles and the New Collisions. On Thursday, Club D’Elf are playing at the Lizard Lounge. On Friday, there’s three things of note: Agent Bishop Presents The Lucky 13 Bash at Church of Boston; Goli Going East (members of Fluttr Effect) and Cabiria‘s CD release party; and Jo-Jo’s (who’s Jo-Jo?) Birthday Roast featuring John Powhida’s International Airport. On Saturday, Otis Grove plays a free show at the Middle East Corner, and “Boudoir Noir” – billed as “an intimate carnival of delight and revolt” – promises to be quite cool, what with The Slomski Brothers, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? and HUMANWINE.

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