Hear Now Live Presents: Big East, Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights, Bitch Trifecta, Christopher Paul Stelling, Jennifer Greer @ Precinct – Friday, July 15.

I first mentioned Christopher Paul Stelling last November, when I was totally knocked-out by his incredible acoustic guitar picking and soulful Southern Gothic vocals. With mournful tales and hellfire fury, he summons ghosts and saints, heaven and hell, loss and hope. Later this summer, he’ll be in Louisville at Funeral Home Studios, recording his debut album, Songs Of Praise &amp Scorn (Mecca Lecca), assisted by Kevin Ratterman (Wax Fang). But for now, he’s playing a few shows and introducing new songs.

On his decision to record in Louisville’s first working funeral home, he says “I find the recording process to be a lot like embalming, a preservation if you will…so, I figured an actual 100 year old funeral home was a perfect place to record.”

“Strange Darkness”

recorded in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, directed by John Alberico

Upcoming Shows
07/11 Brooklyn NY – Union Hall
07/15 Boston, MA – Precinct (w/Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights)
07/19 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge (w/ William Elliot Whitmore)
08/27 Brooklyn, NY – WickFest – Goodbye Blue Monday

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