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Help! Our Bands Are On Fire! (to benefit victims of the 95 Columbia, Central Square Fire)

Benefit Festival going on TODAY & TONIGHT in Union Square!
(and how others not in the area can help)

Back a few weeks ago, there was a horrible house fire in Cambridge – a house that was home to many area musicians and artists. Despite heroic efforts from Cambridge firefighters and volunteers, these folks are still struggling to “regroup” after being unceremoniously tossed out of their homes. They haven’t even been able to go back in yet to see what’s salvageable (though fortunately everyone is ok). So today and tonight, going on right now, is a benefit ‘mini festival’ in Union Square at three venues – P.A.’s Lounge, Sally O’Brien’s and Precinct. Taking part are many of their fellow Boston-area bands – Molly Zenobia, Parlour Bells, Mighty Tiny, Streight Angular, Satellites Fall and many more. If you’re in the area, definitely check this out! | More Info & Set Times

If you’re not in the area, check out the work of some of these artists who lost much if not all of their belongings (and we’re not talking wealthy rock stars here…). If you can, help them out a little. Here some more info. And here’s some of their music!

Brendan Burns

guitarist & educator; founding member of the Elephant Tango Ensemble

Tony Leva

upright bass player for Jaggery

Mary Bichner

Composer, arranger, transcriber, performer, and formerly of Box Five

Other artists from 95 Columbia:

Brendan Higgins | Pete Moulthrop | Thomas Huber, Adam Jones, Jackie, John Lian, and Jimmy Tang.

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Christopher Paul Stelling at Precinct Friday July 15th

Hear Now Live Presents: Big East, Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights, Bitch Trifecta, Christopher Paul Stelling, Jennifer Greer @ Precinct – Friday, July 15.

I first mentioned Christopher Paul Stelling last November, when I was totally knocked-out by his incredible acoustic guitar picking and soulful Southern Gothic vocals. With mournful tales and hellfire fury, he summons ghosts and saints, heaven and hell, loss and hope. Later this summer, he’ll be in Louisville at Funeral Home Studios, recording his debut album, Songs Of Praise &amp Scorn (Mecca Lecca), assisted by Kevin Ratterman (Wax Fang). But for now, he’s playing a few shows and introducing new songs.

On his decision to record in Louisville’s first working funeral home, he says “I find the recording process to be a lot like embalming, a preservation if you will…so, I figured an actual 100 year old funeral home was a perfect place to record.”

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Asa Brebner’s CD Release Party at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville – February 13, 2010

Asa Brebner and some of his Family Jewels @ Precinct

Asa Brebner and some of his Family Jewels @ Precinct

Trying to discover that cool new indie band just ahead of everyone else is all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to put on some comfy clothes, head on down to the basement of the old Somerville police department, and listen to some good old time rock ‘n’ roll. And sometimes it’s nice to see people past the age of 25 kicking it out past 1am. Actually, it’s really nice to see that. So it was at Asa Brebner‘s CD release party for Sueños De Los Muertos.

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