This, apparently, is Wyatt. Used entirely without permission.

This is Wyatt. Used entirely without permission.

Here are some bands who are not at SXSW. Instead, they’re playing at various clubs around the Boston area. I have to work tonight, so I can’t even go out and see ’em perform, say hello, buy their stuff, and show my support. But what I can do is write up brief profiles and give links so you can learn more about them. So that’s what I’m doing.

Bitter? Morose? Cynical? Who, me?

Heligoats (Illinois)

“Psychedelic / 2-step / indie”. Nice stuff. Songs include “Been a Drill”, “Shree”, “Spiders and Lightning”, and “A guide to the outdoors”. Currently touring in New England. Band website

Middle East, upstairs, (Central Square) Cambridge, with Clem Snide.

Chicken Slacks (Boston, MA)

“Funk / Soul / R&B”. Very funky; seven band members listed, including trumpet and sax. A dance party, to be sure. Cool live version of “Sex Machine”. Check ’em out. Band website

Cantab Lounge, (Central Square) Cambridge.

Antje Duvekot (Somerville, MA)

“Folk / Acoustic / Indie”. Singer-songwriter; pretty vocals. Influences include Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, old German folksongs, Dar Williams, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Ellis Paul, John Prine… Currently touring across the U.S. Her recently released CD, “The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer”, was produced by Richard Shindell and features John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky and Victor Krauss. Band website

Club Passim, (Harvard Square) Cambridge, with Lucy Wainwright and Roche.

Lo-Fi Radio Stars (New London, CT)

“Classic Rock / Roots Music / Jam Band”. They describe themselves as “an American rock and roll band featuring a big sound made possible only with driving, dual guitars, a real Hammond B-3 organ, and a heavy dose of low-end.” Currently touring in New England. SonicBids page

The Draft, Allston.

Gilded Splinters (Somerville, MA)

“Indie / Rock / Country”. Influences listed include: Exile on Main Street, London Calling, Redheaded Stranger, Live from San Qinten, Satan is Real, Howl, Pet Sounds, Abbey Road, Zep III, The Wild the Innocent and the E-Street Shuffle, Blood on the Tracks, Astral Weeks, Fold Your Hands Child you Walk like a Peasant, Marquee Moon, Honkytonk Heros, Hunky Dory, Electric Mudd, Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. If all that isn’t too scary (the list is actually about 4x longer than that), have a listen. band website

Lizard Lounge, Allston.

Soap Stars (Boston, MA)

“Pop / Rock / Indie”. Their influences include: REM, Johnny Cash, Alice in Chains, Gram Parsons, Buddy Holly, Chris Isaak, Third Eye Blind, Blind Melon, Lemonheads. They have an upcoming show on May 7 in NYC at Crash Mansion.

Church, Boston, with Inner City Surfers (from Canada) and Forest Henderson.

Tom Bianchi (“Somerville/Cambridge/Boston/My Van”, MA)

“Folk Rock / Funk / Comedy”. Love his influences: The Who, Led Zepplin, Hendrix… Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, Fugazi… Steve Martin. He’s like a cross between Charles Mingus and Tom Lehrer. His “StreeT SignS in BostoN SucK” is truly inspired.

He has a March residency at Toad in Cambridge (this sounds very impressive, but if you’ve actually been *inside of* Toad, you’ll know how funny this is. Just joking, it’s cozy, and a nice little room.). He’s also playing at a few other places in MA (Framingham, Mashpee, Passim & Lizard Lounge).

Vs the Robot (Somerville, MA)

“Shoegaze / Punk / Hawaiian”. From their MySpace page: “Vs the Robot existed before you were born, assuming you’re 3 years old. Otherwise, you might remember us. I, Matt, couldn’t sing, Charlie couldn’t play bass, and James couldn’t play anything. But now, all that’s changed. The songs might sound familiar, but they will be completly different.” Ok, well they actually sound really good. Will have to catch them sometime, but I don’t see any shows listed beyond this one tonight.

PA’s Lounge, Somerville, with Girl On Top and The Enthusiasts.

Nate Wilson Group (Durham, NH)

“Rock / Psychedelic / Indie”. Draws inspiration from riff-heavy psychedelic hard rock of the 60s and 70s. Nice sound. Performing around New England (and in Philadelphia) through May 9.

T.T. the Bear’s Place in beautiful Central Square, Cambridge.

Dogs On Television (Cambridge, MA)

Great band name, terrific abbreviation & logo (D.o.T.v.). That would be enough, but the music seems interesting as well. Influences: “alcoholic beverages, heartbreak, and the glorious awesomeness of an “A” chord!”

Oliver’s (a.k.a. the infamous Cask’n Flagon), Boston.

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