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Band Profile: Naked Alien (Minnesota)


Frat party meets Flaming Lips. Dive bars with sticky floors and inebriated overweight jocks with bad pick-up lines. Eagles, Charlie Daniels, and Lynard Skynard on the jukebox (or maybe I’m just having a bad flashback to when I lived in Florida in the late ’70s). Songs about drinking, overweight strippers, burritos, beer, chicks, more drinking, and yes – bad pick-up lines. Do I see a theme emerging? Naked Alien are just four guys having a good time, finding a suitable outlet for the frustrations of day jobs, and inviting people along for the ride.

“My Burrito” and “Cheesy Line Guy” are especially inspired, strongly reminiscent of The Flaming Lips’ “She Don’t Use Jelly”:

“It all started out, just another lonely night
she went down to the SuperAmerica in her volkswagen jetta
nothing to eat, no Ju Ju Fruits
nothing to eat, gotta get a burrito, my burrito
so she got that burrito.
My burrito, my burrito, my burrito, my burrito.”
– My Burrito


“Do you have a map, ‘cuz i’m getting lost in your eyes
if this bar was a meat market, then you’d be prime rib
I must be in heaven, ’cause you’re an angel
and if i said you had a beautiful body
would you hold it against me?
because I’m cheesy line guy, cheesy line guy
I’m cheesy line, cheesy line guy.”
– Cheesy Line Guy

There’s nothing too deep here, nothing that will engage the brain in any painful way, or cause undue stress in deciphering some hidden meaning. Don’t look for spiritual depth – there isn’t any. Just good, stupid fun, your quintessential bar band, keg party pals, backyard BBQ in the ‘burbs. And maybe that isn’t such a bad thing sometimes. Give the existential soul-searching a rest for a while.


Randy, Greg, Mark, and Shaun, in their own words: “Four Minnesota band type guys that are having some fun writing songs that we don’t ever expect to hear on the radio. We are not looking to be famous, prove that we are sexier that we really are, proclaim any musical genius, or seek our fortunes. We write songs about beer, personal experiences, perceptions on life, and barstool philosophies.”

They’re currently in the studio, and they have a few shows scheduled for July and August – if you happen to live in the Minneapolis area:

Big V’s: Tuesday July 21st 9:30pm
1567 University Avenue W (University & Snelling) Midway, St. Paul, MN

Turf Club: Tuesday Aug 25th 9:30pm
1601 University Avenue W (University & Snelling), St. Paul, MN

“Well he doesn’t look as good in spandex as he used to
and he doesn’t rock the house quite like he used to
and the songs he plays are about as fresh as a day old donut
and as I sit here the same thought goes through my mind.
Heavy Metal Guy is getting older
I guess that means i’m getting older too
heavy metal guy doesn’t look or act like he used to.”
– Heavy Metal Guy Is Getting Older


Official site

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  1. Wendizzle

    Naked Alien has a sultry finesse… like a gentleman with the captivating power of “woo” which outshines event the greatest of great such as Bing Crosby, Barry White or even the hypnotizing and yet haunting Dracula himself. It must be hard as I can only imagine that the bar room floors are blanketed in wall-to-wall in ladies who have succumb to the bewitching charm of NA.

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