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Laura Lee Imhoff w/Hugh McGowan at Toad, Cambridge, August 19, 2009

(from her MySpace page)

(from her MySpace page)

Wow. Seriously… wow. Yes, it’s been four days since the show and much of this time has been spent fretting about my camera meltdown (more about that later), but I have to say something about this wonderful performer, before more time goes by, and just ahead of another show she’s doing tomorrow night at The Lizard Lounge.

Laura Lee Imhoff started out as a Massachusetts native (Lowell, to be precise), and has played at many area clubs, but is now based in Texas. Listening to her sultry, soulful, playful voice serenading us on Wednesday night at Toad, it seems as though she was born and bred right there in Austin. I felt myself being pulled slowly into her world, into another time and place, a ramshackle cabin in the backwaters of Mississippi perhaps, a kettle simmering over an open fire… – surely this wasn’t the 21st century, in a hipster-cum-yuppie Cambridge, Mass. club? Absolutely wonderful. Performing with her was Hugh McGowan on acoustic guitar, and he was brilliant. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to stay for his full band’s set, but judging from the guy’s playing, I’m sure it was fantasic.

Her CD, “A Little Something for Kerrville”, is just Laura Lee’s lovely vocals and acoustic guitar, very personal and intimate, and I highly, highly recommend it. You can purchase this directly from her MySpace page, or buy individual tracks. In addition to her music, Laura Lee is also a visual artist, and does commissioned work as well.

As for why I don’t have any photos in this article… well, I have this brand new camera. Problem is, at the end of her exquisite set (after I had taken a ton of pictures), suddenly I get this “card error” message, and subsequently wasn’t able to read anything off it. I’ll be sending the #$*@! card back to the company and they’ll see what they can do, but as it’s unlikely they’ll be able to retrieve those photos, here’s some pics of Laura Lee that others have taken. My apologies (and great frustration). So tell me, do I really want a replacement card from this company??

The good news: I’ll be at the ‘Open Mic Challenge’ at the Lizard Lounge (with yes, a different memory card), so I’ll have another chance, and I’ll be able to hear her lovely singing again. If anyone in the Boston area sees this today or tomorrow and can make it to the Lizard Lounge, you’ll be very glad you did! (disclaimer – I’ve never been to any of these open mic challenges, so I have no idea how long she’ll perform for).

[8/24 – As it happens, I ended up having to work until 1:45 a.m. last night (this morning) and it’s only 8 p.m. and all I really feel like doing is curling up with a book and then crashing. So I won’t be at the Lizard Lounge, but maybe you will, and I’m sure it’ll be a good time. According to Laura Lee’s MySpace, she’ll be on around 11pm, though I’m not entirely sure how she knows that! In any case, I’ll make up for my laziness with a review of her lovely CD which I just finished listening to again… tomorrow.]

Laura Lee’s Upcoming Shows

Aug 24 2009 11:00P | Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge | Cambridge, Massachusetts
Aug 29 2009 8:00P | Radio Zendo | Austin, Texas
Sep 3 2009 8:00P | House Concert | Austin, Texas

Official Site | MySpace

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