Ok, so technically this isn’t a show preview, because they’re not coming to Boston, and the closest they’ll be is a 2+ hour drive away near Albany (I’ll let you know what it ends up being). But I thought I would mention The Parson Red Heads and their East Coast visit, as they’re a great band I’ve been enjoying for a little while now. They have a lovely psychedelic and folky, upbeat sound with delightful harmonies, reminiscent of bands such as The Byrds, Big Star, CSN&Y, The Kinks, Fairport Convention, and Wilco.

Part of the East L.A. crowd (who would’ve guessed?), they first moved to Los Angeles from Oregon in 2005, and have played residencies at the notable clubs there – Silver Lake Lounge, The Echo and Spaceland. They released their Field Mouse Carnival EP and debut album King Giraffe in 2007, the Owl & Timber EP in 2008, and the Orangufang limited edition 7″ on JAXART Records in April of this year. They also have two live CDs out (Spaceland and The Echo), both on the very cool Spaceland Recordings label, which you can get directly from them.

Their current line-up, best as I can tell (as this is from their official site, the bio. which stops just before May ’08’s release of their EP Owl & Timber ) includes: Evan Way (vocals, guitar), Brette Marie Way (drums, vocals), Erin Way (keyboards, vocals), Samuel Fowles (guitar, vocals) and David Swensen (bass, vocals), with the occasional help of Raymond Richards (pedal steel, guitar), Jason Wrightsman (tambourine), and Aaron Ballard (guitar, storytelling).

Groupee Session

Parson Red Heads East Coast Tour

Oct 9 ~ 8:00P ~ The Court Tavern w/ Roadside Graves ~ New Brunswick, New Jersey
Oct 10 ~ 8:00P ~ The Lit Lounge w/ Roadside Graves ~ New York, New York
Oct 11 ~ 8:00P ~ The Raconteur w/ Roadside Graves ~ Metuchen, New Jersey
Oct 12 ~ 8:00P ~ Googies Lounge w/ Linda Draper ~ New York, New York
Oct 13 ~ 8:00P ~ Union Hall w/ Ladybug Transistor & Hymns ~ Brooklyn, New York
Oct 14 ~ 7:00P ~ Arleneā€™s Grocery – 7pm set! ~ New York, New York
Oct 15 ~ 8:00P ~ Northeast Kingdom w/ Brittain Ashford ~ Brooklyn, New York
Oct 16 ~ 8:00P ~ The M Room w/ Roadside Graves, Blood Feathers, Cotton Jones ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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