Asa Brebner

Asa Brebner

Welcome to another edition of Boston Bands This Week Weekend. Ok, yes, I screwed up again. As I’m running out of time (because I’m actually trying to get to this show), for now I’ll just quickly mention Asa Brebner’s CD Release Party, which is, um, tonight. And tomorrow I’ll profile a few shows happening next week. So, the irrepressible Asa Brebner has a super huge shindig planned for yes, tonight, to celebrate the release of his new album Suenos De Los Muertos.

Saturday, February 13 (tonight)

Asa Brebner – CD Release Party – with special guests Doug Mcdonald, Dave and Katy Champagne performing as the Heygoods, The Family Jewels, and possibly others @ Precinct, Union Square, Somerville – Saturday, Feb. 13 (tonight).

Big doings tonight: Asa Brebner celebrates the release of Suenos De Los Muertos with a bunch of friends, such as his fellow Family Jewels, the Heygoods, and Doug Mcdonald. This is Asa’s first musical project that was done entirely in the digital format. Here’s what he has to say about that: “The digital world enables you to do things you could never have imagined possible. It’s freeing, but to an old soldier like myself, a little troubling- There is a down side to it when you see that all things can be repaired in cyberspace. Things such as bad notes, bad pitch, bad playing etc etc. Pretty soon we won’t need any skill whatsoever. Somehow we seem to be closing in on distancing ourselves from the need for reality. Thank god we can finally get rid of that old nag!” Should be a fun night – I’ll see ya there.

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