Empty page, budding trees, singing birds, brand new start
yet familiar yearnings in my heart
the pain of connecting, then by fate forced apart
and I wonder what you’re thinking, what you’re doing, where you are.

These stupid words, they don’t always come
the sadness seeps in without warning, it’s done.
It fills every pore, and the tears freely flow.
The passage of time, within grief letting go.

But in these dark moments, you send me your love.
Are they mad woman rantings, or a gift from above?
So desperate my need, I accept with great joy.
Is all life preplanned? Our striving be damned.

I will honor us both in this sea of rebirth
and give more than I take in the words I send forth
as I ride ocean’s crest, before it recedes
hold you dearly to my soul,
though my heart often bleeds.

I won’t ask stupid questions, or demand valid proof,
but instead I will trust in this gift as bestowed.
Oh my beautiful muse, I will want nothing more
gentle tap on the shoulder, nothing more that is owed.

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