Evelyn Evelyn at Club Overon, @ the intersection of Arrow St. & Mass. Ave. (between Harvard and Central Squares), Cambridge, MA
Monday, April 12 and and Tuesday, April 13


[I’m not entirely sure tickets are still available for these shows. The ticket site says ‘no advance tickets remaining’ but that they ‘may be available at the door on night of performance’. It doesn’t say it’s sold out, however, so I’ll go ahead and do a preview anyway.]

Evelyn Evelyn, the new project of Amanda Palmer (Dresdan Dolls) and wandering musical minstrel, Jason Webley. Think ‘vaudevillian-goth-carnival-Americana-sideshow’; their music is charming and fun, the lyrics brilliantly put together and bizarre. There’s even a carnival barking marketing kit of sorts for their freaky new circus child, called “A Campaign of Shock and Awe”:

“Behold the 8th wonder of the natural world
come one and come all, see the two-headed girl
stupendous! revolting! you’ll be shocked! you’ll be awed!
a true freak of nature, a blunder of god…

… “Ladies and gentlemen, critics and hipsters
have you heard the new disc by the Evelyn sisters
seamlessly floating with grace between eras and genres
they sing timeless new songs rife with double entendres.
As featured in Spin, Rolling Stone, the New Yorker,
and Pitchfork…

Hilarious. And yeah, kinda creepy. Love it.

At the other end of the musical spectrum, because living the life of parapagus tripus dibrachius twins isn’t always easy, is the haunting story of their time together, “Evelyn Evelyn” – beautiful, harrowing, sweet, sad, macabre… beautifully told by Palmer and Webley.

<a href="http://evelynevelyn.bandcamp.com/album/evelyn-evelyn">Evelyn Evelyn by Evelyn Evelyn</a>

After these first two shows in Cambridge, they’re off to Europe (with three sold-out nights in London), and then back in the U.S. for shows in selected cities in June.

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