On this morning’s Expanding Awareness, Victor will be joined once again by Byron Jordan. Byron’s been on Victor’s show many times through the years, and is extremely knowledgeable about what he refers to as “Earth Medicine” – natural ways of re-balancing the body for maximum health and well-being. His training includes: biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, herbalism, homeopathy, and Native American medicine.

Victor Robert Venckus presents his Lucid Sounds/Expanding Awareness program on WZBC 90.3 FM (Boston College Radio) every Saturday from 7am – 11am. He begins with New Age, ambient, Native American and world music, with a weekly astrology report from Dietrich Pessin at 9:30 am. Expanding Awareness is at 10am, featuring interviews on paranormal, holistic health, environmental, animal rights and occasionally human rights topics, with listener call-in participation. Victor has been on the air, in some guise or another, since 1975. Shows are now archived for two weeks.

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