Amanda Palmer in Cabaret (photo by Marcus Stern), Otis Grove (photo by Arthur Shim), The Action Verbs, and wildfowl.

Amanda Palmer in Cabaret (photo by Marcus Stern), Otis Grove (photo by Arthur Shim), The Action Verbs, and wildfowl.

Welcome back to this weekly – or not so weekly – feature. This, or rather next week we have a few interesting things of note: A “Late-Night Fucking Cabaret” (yes, that’s exactly how it’s being billed) at OBERON, five Boston-area bands on one bill at the Middle East, Otis Grove’s CD Release Party at Lizard Lounge, and Cambridge-based wildfowl (that’s a band, not a bunch of birds) supporting a favorite L.A. band of mine who kinda snuck their way in…

On Tuesday night, there’s Amanda Fucking Palmer’s Late-Night Fucking Cabaret. A word of explanation: Ms. Amanda Palmer, Boston luminary, singer/piano/composer of The Dresden Dolls (more on them in a few weeks), discoverer of the Evelyn Evelyn twins, and solo artist of considerable merit, has been performing in Cabaret at CLUB OBERON (at the American Repertory Theater). Since she knows quite a few people around town, she’s been gathering them together for a series of late-night after-show extravaganzas. This coming Tuesday, she’ll be joined by a couple of musings from boston “frequent flyers” – Jaggery and Walter Sickert and The Army Of Broken Toys. Love these guys a lot, and Amanda will be performing as well, and she is really great. Definitely something to catch, for some adventurous late night fare. And by the way, read more about Cabaret.

A whole bunch of Boston and Boston-area bands will be playing a whole bunch of indie rock at The Middle East Upstairs on Thursday (10/14) – The Backup Factor, The Action Verbs, The Hollow Sound, The Idle Kind, and The Stoves (ok, so these last guys have mentions of Chelmsford, Norwood and Scituate.. that’s close enough).

On Friday, the jazz-funk Allston-based band, Otis Grove are celebrating their “The Runk” CD Release at Lizard Lounge with the always-cool Club d’Elf, and The Squabble.

Finally, on Sunday at T.T.’s, there’s a very pretty sounding band I’ve just been listening to who hails from Cambridge, wildfowl, and yes, that’s my way to sneak in some friends of mine who they’ll be supporting, The Henry Clay People, who aren’t from Boston whatsoever, but who are pretty f’ing wonderful. It also happens to be their first Boston headlining show – hooray! Or at least, they’re on last (11pm). That counts as headlining, right? Also on the bill, from NYC, is The Dig.

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