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2010: The Eastside L.A. Year In Review

A few of those great bands: The Deadly Syndrome, Radars To The Sky, The Henry Clay People, and Shadow Shadow Shade (photo by Jason O'Dell)

A few of those great bands: The Deadly Syndrome, Radars To The Sky, The Henry Clay People, and Shadow Shadow Shade (photo by Jason O'Dell)

For those new to ‘musings’… Often referred to as the ‘Silverlake region’, the Eastside of Los Angeles seems to have a ridiculously disproportionate number of awesome bands that call the area home (or at least, that’s where they regularly play). In addition to Silverlake, this also includes the neighborhoods of Echo Park, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, Highland Park… These artists comprise many different styles and personalities, having one thing in common – they’re all really good! I happened upon these guys (and gals) after first listening to The Airborne Toxic Event on MySpace back in January 2008, and then deciding to check out their friends’ bands, friends of friends, etc. Very glad I did. Here’s a rundown of those bands that had albums (or EPs) out this year. Some are well-known and touring internationally now; others not (yet).

For those not new to ‘musings’… My last Eastside L.A. update was way back in February, and I announced all these cool things coming up. Then, well, this year happened. What can I say? I lost the plot. Here it is again.


Local Natives release their debut album Gorilla Manor (French Kiss, 2/16)

Wide Eyes by Local Natives by infectiousmusicuk

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The Deadly Syndrome releases their second album, Nolens Volens (3/23).

The Deadly Syndrome – Trouble Again

The Deadly Syndrome | Myspace Music Videos


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Radar Brothers releases The Illustrated Garden (Merge Records, 3/23).

“Horses Warriors” (mp3)

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Avi Buffalo releases their debut album on Sub Pop (4/27).

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Everest releases On Approach (Warner Bros/Vapor Records) (5/11).

Everest – Let Go from Everest Channel on Vimeo.

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Walking Sleep (the band previously known as the Flying Tourbillon Orchestra) releases their debut album Measures (5/25).

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Death To Anders, previously in a long hiatus, releases two singles – “Handshakes and Earthquakes” and “Anne Marie” (June). It’s not an album, but it’s really good to have them back.

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The Henry Clay People releases Somewhere On The Golden Coast, their follow-up to For Cheap Or For Free (6/8).

[audio:|titles=The Henry Clay People: “Your Famous Friends”]

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Summer Darling releases their new self-titled album on Origami Vinyl and free digital download (7/5).

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Admiral Radley (1/2 Earlimart, 1/2 Grandaddy) releases I Heart California (The Ship, 7/13).

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Autolux releases their second album Transit Transit on TDB Records/ATB Recordings (8/3).

Transit Transit by Autolux

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Darker My Love releases Alive As You Are on Dangerbird Records (8/17).

Dear Author by Dangerbird Records

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Leslie Stevens and The Badgers‘ album Roomful Of Smoke has a nationwide release (8/17).

Leslie And The Badgers – Los Angeles by wereofftherails

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The Sweet Hurt released their debut album (8/17).

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Radars To The Sky releases their first full-length album, Supra / Infra (8/26).

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Film School releases their fourth album, Fission (Hi-Speed Soul Records, 8/31).

[audio:|titles=Film School: “Lectric”]

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Wait. Think. Fast. releases their debut album, Luces Del Sur, on their own AT Records (9/7).

08 Jornaleras by Cosmica Artists

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The Airborne Toxic Event releases All I Ever Wanted: Live From Walt Disney Concert Hall Featuring The Calder Quartet – a live CD/DVD from their performance at Disney Hall in December 2009, which includes songs from their upcoming second album (9/28).

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Shadow Shadow Shade (the band formerly known as Afternoons) releases their debut album on the band’s own Public Records label (10/5).

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George Glass releases their 6-track debut EP (10/5).

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Le Switch releases their album The Rest Of Me Is Space (11/4).

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Honorable Mentions

The Broken Remotes put out a new single, “Terror Of The Countryside.” College Kids are a new band featuring Malcolm Sosa from Rademacher and Kim Haden (formerly of Light FM and currently of Yellow Alex). They expect to have an EP out by February 2011. The Monolators have a new double EP 12″ vinyl (old and new material). The Parson Red Heads moved to Portland, Oregon, were working on a new album as of last summer, and will be doing a New Year’s Eve show featuring Tom Petty’s album “Wildflowers”. The Union Line have a new EP that they’ve been selling at shows, which should be up on iTunes soon. A new song, “Time is a Seed”, is on their facebook page. Xu Xu Fang contributed a track to a David Bowie cover album called “We Were So Turned On,” proceeds to benefit the charity War Child.

In Memoriam…

Castledoor sadly called it quits back in July, but released the Flashlight EP and The Ship Recordings (4 previously unreleased tracks) as parting gifts. Liska and Nate have formed a new band called Doom and Gloom. Mississippi Man have also decided to call it a day, though they’ve released one final record called A-OK (and I’m sure they will be). Guitarist Luke Messimer and drummer Patrick Haag have other projects they’re working on – Luke Messimer Music and Let’s Drive to Alaska. RIP also to The Voyeurs.

Looking forward to in 2011…

The Airborne Toxic Event – their second full-length album tentatively titled All At Once. No release date as of yet.

Rademacher – something. anything. (no, that’s not the title, though maybe it should be). Back in February there was talk of recording a new record “chock full of licks and sad lyrics,” so hopefully that will be appearing soon.

Red Cortez – they’re currently putting finishing touches on their debut album Virgin Ideas, due out in 2011. They also have a February residency at Satellite (the club formerly known as Spaceland).

Red Cortez – Virgin Ideas by buzzbands

Voxhaul Broadcast will be releasing their debut album Timing Is Everything in “early 2011”. It was previous slated for Nov 2 but I guess that didn’t happen (it would appear that timing IS everything). They’re playing Jan 3 at The Lincoln Center in NYC (free) and at The Mercury Lounge in NYC with Iron and Wine on Jan 6 (not free).

Steel The Diamonds by VoxhaulBroadcast

For more future band plans, see the excellent Radio Free Silver Lake.

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    This is awesome, Julie. I sat here all morning going through all this great music. 🙂 Of course I can’t wait for the new Airborne and Red Cortez…

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