If you’re on that ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ kick and are looking for an alternative way to get through the endless marketing hype for flowers, cards and chocolates, here’s some more suggestions for tonight and tomorrow – the ever-provocative Bent Wit Cabaret, with “Cupid’s Misfire”; massmouth’s “Ex-Files”, and Mortified Boston’s Doomed Valentines Show.

Bent Wit Cabaret: Cupid’s Misfire at OBERON

2 Arrow St., Harvard Square, Cambridge
Sunday, February 13th

doors at 7:30 pm; show begins at 8:00 pm
Tickets $10-35; Seating is limited.

Bent Wit Cabaret Presents: “Cupid’s Misfire: Burlesque with a Heart On.”

“Featuring an all-star cast fresh off The Slutcracker, all-original numbers
about love and its pitfalls/pratfalls, and a winning combination of comedy and striptease burlesque, this is the show to see on Valentine’s Weekend. With all-new performances by Lolli Hoops, Mehran, Bitches of Destiny, Pamela Passion, Femme Brulee, UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb, 86-year-old Mary Dolan and more- this show will turn you on in ways you never thought possible.” (from their press release)

massmouth Presents: Story Slams – “ex-files”

at the Enormous Room, 567 Mass. Ave, Cambridge
Sunday, February 13th


An evening of 10 five-minute stories, improv games and prizes, and more, hosted by massmouth. The theme is “ex-files”, which is rather self-explanatory on this Valentine’s Day Weekend. Cohosts will be Bruce Marcus, J. Mike Remy and Diana V. I had my introduction to massmouth last night at Lizard Lounge as part of the Un-Valentine’s Day Org (a few words about this coming up soon), and they were wonderful.

massmouth is a nonprofit organization “promoting the timeless art of storytelling through social media, education and live performance”.

Mortified Boston’s Doomed Valentines Show

at the Coolidge Corner Theater, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline
Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14th

$15 general admission/$12 Coolidge members | BUY TICKETS

“This special love-themed event features ordinary people sharing their most hilariously embarrassing diary entries, lyrics, poems, and artwork from when they were teens struck by Cupid’s arrow. One by one, brave men and women will take the stage to relive their tortured adolescence with cringe-worthy material about juvenile ardor gone wrong, from unrequited high-school crushes and tumultuous off-and-on romances to bad prom dates and worse!” (from their press release)

Mortified is a curious organization that celebrates the writing, art and media of young adolescents. Referring to their mission as “a comic excavation,” adults share their most embarrassing letters, poems, art, journals, and other forms of self-expression. Participants include professional performers and people from all walks of life – “all in the noble pursuit of personal redemption through public humiliation”.

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