Looking for something special to do tomorrow? Well, here it is. Exeter, New Hampshire is having its 3rd Annual UFO Festival. Speakers include the legendary Stanton T. Friedman, Richard Dolan, MUFON New England director Steve Firmani, and others. Jeff and Jess Finn will be presenting premiering their documentary, Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & The Exeter Encounter. There’s activities for kids and families – ET & UFO drawings, storytelling, crafts and games, UFO craft construction – and what’s sure to be my personal favorite, an Alien Pet Costume Contest (there’s a kid’s costume contest as well). In the evening, there’s a panel discussion and then live music. It runs 8am to 10pm. Peruse their site for the full schedule and directions. And here’s the best part: IT’S ALL FREE!

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