The BOSTON HASSLE Playbutton

The BOSTON HASSLE Playbutton

BOSTON HASSLE Underground Music Compilation Playbutton Release Party
featuring: Debo Band, Fat History Month, Creaturos, The Needy Visions, Saralee, Ming Ming, Exusamwa, and Kid Romance
Great Scott – Sunday, December 11 (tonight)
9pm | 18+ | $5 – $10 sliding scale

If you’re sitting there thinking, “how can I be so much cooler than everyone else around me, so that my Boston music scene street cred is forever secured?” , you need to know about this awesome new music compilation. It is in honor of the Boston underground music scene, fearlessly supported by the folks at Body Of Water (B.O.W.) and Boston Compass, who regularly promote shows within a wide range of ‘outside the mainstream’ genres in alternative venues. For this unusual new release, they’ve partnered with The Boston Hassle, a music blog and events guide that specializes in “Psych, punk, weird, pop, electronic, experimental, and awesome music… high and low brow smashed to pieces and forever mixed together.” Attention hipsters: you can now (quite literally) wear your love of underground music on your sleeve.

BOSTON HASSLE features 13 tracks from Saralee, Exusamwa, Doomstar, Needy Visions, Kid Romance, Ming Ming, Debo Band and others. It is being released by Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts (the record label of show promoters B.O.W.), who’ve also put out albums for Tunnel of Love, Mittens, Bezoar, Hats and Glases, and the Mules.

What makes this compilation even more exotic is that it’s being released on a brand new format — the 3” wearable Playbutton, for a wicked reasonable price of $10. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. Put on your button, plug in your headphones, and press play. How great is that?

BOSTON HASSLE’s “Button Release Party” is this Sunday (December 11) at Great Scott, with sets from eight of the fascinating bands featured on the compilation. This will be followed by a northeast and midwest tour in the winter of 2011/2012. There will be all sorts of sounds this evening, from psychedelic garage to fuzzy surf and dreamy pop, funk and dark-tinged dance to bizarre experimental, and Ethiopian pop music from Debo Band.

Can’t make it to the show? Get yourself the BOSTON HASSLE Playbutton now!

BOSTON HASSLE tracklisting:
1.Saralee – Soft Sounds
2.Pile – Pigeon Song
3.Exusamwa – Button
4.Doomstar – I Don’t Understand
5.Needy Visions – Kinda But Not Really
6.Fat History Month – Nudity
7.Big Digits – Black Sweatshirts
8.Kid Romance – Jimnicluc
9.Cuffs – Albert Kroft
10.Skimask – Fine China
11.Kal Marks – Not Afraid To Die
12.Ming Ming – Sez
13.Debo Band – Addis Ababa Bete

Boston Hassle: official site | facebook | twitter
Body of Water Shows & Blog: official site
Boston Counter Culture Compass: official site

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