Ok, so what the heck is/are 28 Seeds?? It’s an “apocalyptic, sci-fi, steampunk collaboration” between experimental theater company Liars & Believers and the steamCRUNK band Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys. According to the Merry Pranksters Broken Toys, 28 Seeds “tells the story of how greed and ignorance destroyed the world. This is HP Lovecraft meets rock music and 1000 channels of cable TV; it’s government conspiracy, burlesque, ray guns, and tentacles; it blends a live rock show, science fiction, dance, theatre, video and sound into an immersive performance experience.”

The show premieres April 19, 2012 at the Boston Center for the Arts, with over 25 Boston artists and performers taking part in the extravaganza. They promise innovative theatre, musicians, actors, dancers, video artists, sound artists, graphic artists and more.

Here’s where you come in. They NEED HELP to put on this wildly ambitious project, so they have a Kickstarter campaign to raise the cash – and there’s just 13 days left for them to meet their goal! Some of the goodies available for your donations include a digital download of the soundtrack, poster, a wicked cool-looking comic book designed by Mr. Sickert himself, pins, VIP tickets, meet and greets with the band… and even those paupers among us who can only afford a $10 donation can get a limited edition signed ‘art card’ from Walter. Anyone not familiar with his bizarre and delightful artwork should have a look right now. So get crackin’!

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