Jeff Beam

Jeff Beam

Jeff Beam, bassist for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s musical comrades, The Milkman’s Union, and 1/3 of The Stereo Flys, has released his debut solo album, on which he adeptly plays the role of one-man-band, inviting us into his magical electronic-acoustic forest. Madly veering from a mildly psychedelic whispered daydream (“Part One”) to full-on space prog (“Congratulations on your Latest Achievement,” it’s a pretty, mind-melting journey. Accompanying the spacey sounds are some equally spacey thoughts. “Destroy All Solutions,” apart from its Zen riddle of a title, has these cryptic words – “Just before the planets realign / Fix yourself a faulty new design / One that’s interested in all our fears / One we can appreciate in 40 years.” The vocals are stretched out near the end into something that feels like aural silly putty. And that is how we are left. Curious, drifting, and wondering where he went off to.

Formerly of the cultural enclave of Allston but now based in Portland, Maine, Jeff will be playing some shows around the East Coast, starting with NYC’s The Knitting Factory and stopping off at Church, where he’ll be joined by the US/UK duo of Soft Bullets, The Radium Girls, and The Sour Doo-Dahs. Jeff’s on first, at 8pm, so get there early!
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East Coast Tour
6/19 @ the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY w/ Soft Bullets & Wintersleep
6/20 @ the Barley Pub in Dover, NH – FREE SHOW w/ Soft Bullets & Tan Vampires
6/21 @ Church in Boston, MA w/ Soft Bullets
6/22 @ The Firehouse in Worcester, MA w/ Soft Bullets, Sexy Neighbors, Broadcaster, & Graywolf
6/23 @ Empire in Portland, ME w/ Soft Bullets & Sea Level

Jeff Beam: web | facebook | twitter
Soft Bullets | The Radium Girls | The Sour Doo-Dahs

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