There’s some very beautiful, adventurous new music from Boston’s experimental folk purveyors, SLEeVES. Gathered into a 7-track EP by the name of Arcadia, it’s a gauzy, hypnotic daydream. Sometimes it takes the form of smooth aural silk that slides over you. At other times, it’s a like a series of half-heard conversations looped over each other, merging and colliding, cresting and receding like ocean waves. ‘Arcadia’ speaks of “a natural paradise; a forgotten utopia.”

Arcadia is the follow-up to their lovely Sky Ghost I album, released back in March. It is available for a ‘pay-what-you-want’ price, and they’ve collaborated with multimedia artist Neon Glittery to create 20 limited edition t-shirts based on the EP’s imagery. Have a listen to “1994,” “a song about the uncertainty of the future and a dullness occasionally associated with the present.”

They’re currently planning a North American tour. Stay tuned!

1994 by SLEEVES by Analog Candle

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