Here’s some lovely music from This Much, a relatively new band based in Allston who have recently released their first 2-song EP, “Steady Feet / The Noise” (listen below). Very pretty and contemplative, with some heartwarming acoustic guitar and thoughtful, intelligent lyrics. Note: this is important. A song can have a nice or interesting sound, but lame, last-minute words thrown on top can completely ruin everything. That’s just me, of course. Maybe it’s you too; I don’t know. But when I hear a line “and I can’t wait to see you on steady feet,” that’s something that deserves further attention. I’ll be watching these guys. Their second EP, “Interest / Spiral” will be coming soon.

This Much is: Terrence Mulhern – vocals, guitar, keyboards, recording/mixing; Denny Kennedy – drums, manager; John Stricker – bass. I just love that – “drums, manager.” How’s that for an authentic indie band?

Steady Feet/The Noise by This Much

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