Ok, so Yo La Tengo doesn’t have their own cooking show, but they probably could if they wanted to. For their just released new album Fade (on Matador Records), they’ve released two videos. The first one is “Before We Run”. The new video, just released, is for the beautiful acoustic song “I’ll Be Around.” What makes this video so unusual, besides the running on-screen lyrics and commentary that has either everything or nothing whatsoever to do with the lyrics being sung, are the two recipes (for Spicy Tortilla Soup and a Spanish Tortilla – yum!) that are provided over the course of the song, along with footage of the band preparing said recipes. This is either the strangest music video ever produced, the strangest cooking video ever produced, or both.

Another first—the first indie rock band to be interviewed by bon appétit magazine.

They’re touring all over the place, coming to the East Coast (Burlington, Boston, Washington D.C., NYC) but unfortunately all shows, except maybe the Higher Ground gig on 2/12, are already (quite understandably) sold out.

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