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Christopher Paul Stelling ~ from False Cities to small towns

Christopher Paul Stelling

Christopher Paul Stelling

Tyler Lyle

Tyler Lyle

So this is how it goes when I’m trying to get something up quickly before the entire day goes by. I’ve been previously astonished by Christopher Paul Stelling in these pages, and he’s just released False Cities, which is once again a heart-stopper of an album, filled to the brim with ageless, timeless desperation, passion and hell-fire fury. I don’t have the time to do this justice, but for now — it’s an earth-shattering cry for salvation with furious fiddling and finger-picking and a voice conjuring all spirits from their not-so-final resting places for one last desperate dance.

Breathtaking music, Beer and BBQ ~ The Brew Session welcomes Christopher Paul Stelling and Tyler Lyle (Jessica’s apartment) – ::: tickets :::

What’s the rush? It’s to let everyone know about CP’s tour, currently in progress and touching down in Boston on Saturday, June 15, for one very cool and crazy intimate event at “Jessica’s apartment” (which I believe actually is some woman named Jessica’s apartment). It’s called The Brew Session, and it’s one part ridiculously fine music and another part beer & BBQ party. This sounds like something that would appeal to most Bostonians, so it would probably be wise to get your tickets quickly. The evening also features, direct from Santa Monica, singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle. I’m just listening to him now for the first time, but he sounds pretty great as well. He has a new EP out called Expatriates. Have a listen below. This is something you won’t want to miss.

Upcoming Shows

Christopher Paul Stelling
Jun 06 – The Living Room, New York, NY
Jun 11 – Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
Jun 15 – Jessica’s Apartment, Boston, MA (Brew Session)
Jun 17 – Divan Orange, Montreal, QC
Jul 12- Bunbury Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH,br />
Jul 17 – The Shitty Barn, Spring Green, WI
Jul 20 – Ace Bar, Chicago, IL
Jul 23 РRumba Caf̩, Columbus, OH

Tyler Lyle
Jun 08 – Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
Jun 14 – The Living Room, New York, NY
Jun 15 – Jessica’s Apartment, Boston, MA (Brew Session)

Christopher Paul Stelling: web | facebook | bandcamp
Tyler Lyle: web | facebook | bandcamp

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  1. Important to note that we have tickets & info about the show available here:

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Julie!! Hope to see you there!

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