So everyone, meet your next superstar, right here. Son Gulien. French refugee who now lives in Boston (god help him). He brings to our city a dose of quirky electro with a deliciously deviant “who the f*ck cares” punk irreverence and everything that was campy and wonderful about the 1980s. In this video directed by Son Gulien & Face B, the Frenchman takes us on an all-encompassing tour of the greater Boston area. Hang on, is that Revere Beach? You gotta be kidding me. He just released his “Black Russian EP,” which is available as a free download. Sorry, I can’t help it, I like this guy. Anyone who makes me instantly think of Yello’s “I Know” automatically earns their place in ‘musings.’ And perhaps their place in music history as well.

Son Gulien – Black Russian by SonGulien

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