This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve heard in a long time, so naturally, I wanted to share it. The band is called Metsatöll (an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf), they perform a mash-up of heavy metal traditional folk music with flute, and yes, they’re from Estonia, singing in their native tongue. What’s more, it all works. Beautifully.

They’re not actually new, though they are for me, so I have a little catching up to do. Their first album was in 1999, and their instrumentation includes not only the standard guitar and drums, but also torupill (bagpipes), kannels, flutes and zithers.

They recently released three albums from their catalog digitally, Äio (2010), Ulg (2011) and Tuska (2012), plus a new single called “Lööme Mesti” (“Together”), which is from an upcoming album due out in March.

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