Back in November, Doug Lehmann (guitar, vocals) and Stephanie Brush (drums, vocals), previously 1/2 of The Clutters, released their debut album as Mystery Twins. It’s a stark and lovely musical document that focuses squarely on their songwriting and closely woven vocals. It’s just guitars, drums and their voices (with maybe few piano notes here and there?), and that’s just plenty. Their own description of their sound as “Everly Brothers vs. Reigning Sound” is apt. It’s stripped-down “garage honest” music with tight harmonies tinged with Appalachian Americana and a haunted Southern Gothic quality. Nice. Have a listen and support them.

“The River,” a song from the new album, was featured in the Poetry Sucks! anthology and compilation from Third Man Records (curated by Ben Swank and Chet Weise and featuring poetry, short stories and music). Mystery Twins have a show scheduled for The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee on March 19.

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