Well, I’m certainly glad I pop onto the dreaded Facebook every now and again. I was originally going to report with a sad heart that after nine years, Radars To The Sky would be calling it quits with one final performance on Saturday, March 22 at El Cid. However, it now appears to be only a 3-month hiatus. Great, great news. They’ll be performing with The Californian and The World Record (and recent RTTS members Ceeca and Malcolm Sosa will be playing with them). Late breaking news: their long-time bandmate, “saxophone maestro and new father-to-be-any-minute Matt Kozlov” will be joining them. After that, Kenny Kupers will be moving to New York to open a bar (yes, apparently true) and Kate and Andrew will be living in Washington D.C. for a year. I’ll keep an eye out for any offshoot projects, and it seems now that we will see the band together again eventually. For the record, I first profiled them here in 2009 and included them in my infamous “Eastside L.A. Roundups.” I haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing them in person, so I’m glad to hear they’re still alive and kicking. In the meantime, can someone who’s going to be at El Cid do me a favor and film a few songs? Thanks.

As for their recorded legacy to date, there are the three EPs— the aptly titled EP, The Big Bang EP, the Detritus EP—and their brilliant full length album, Supra/Infra. And unless I have this wrong, it seems like they’ve been working on some new material? The show preview states that they’re preparing their second full length album.

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