Here’s something that stood out recently. New City Ghost, from Rhode Island, are poised to release their debut 5-track EP, Ossa Cava, on May 20th. In this first musical offering, they expertly exhibit a defiant punk rock sneer, but there’s more going on, which is why it caught my ear. The songs are dirty and noisy in a fine punk and grunge tradition that stretches out into a delightful cacophony, but there are also some very pretty melodies, layered sounds and delicate touches mixed in. The tightness, composition and vocal harmonies sound like a more seasoned outfit. The bits of lyrics I catch are also more sophisticated than the norm, which warms my jaded heart. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

They have a few shows coming up next month. The official CD release show is on May 23 at the Worcester Palladium, but before that, they’ll be at T.T. the Bear’s Place on May 17, with The Okay Win (who also have an album coming out) and Sikes. Have a listen and check them out live.

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