Here’s some fun summer musical fare for you. We Will Be Lions are not exactly entirely new, as they had two previous EPs out in 2012 (We Will Be Lions) and 2013 (You Will Be Heroes). However, their new single, “Burn Me Like A Disco” and upcoming album are being billed as a transition from their prior “celebratory rock” to something with a more psychedelic, R&B feel. They’ve been dancing slinkily around early Bowie-esque glam and the delicious weirdness of The Flaming Lips since their beginnings. Hence their own tagline, “San Francisco Psychedelic Glam Rock.” It’s a great seductive sound befitting their Northern Cali home. In fact, the single was recorded in SF’s Mission District at Tiny Telephone Studios, an analog recording studio owned by John Vanderslice that has hosted Death Cab for Cutie, Deerhoof and Mike Watt.

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