If You Think We Suck Now, Just Wait Til We Sellout. With a lead-in like that, you know it’s going to be good. Released back in July, this is the debut album from Agree To Disagree, a “melodic-hardcore-pop-punk” quartet from the South Shore of our fine state of Massachusetts. Yes, that’s right, melodic hardcore. Sounds bizarre, but it works. Extremely well. The album packs in an ambitious 16 songs, and amazingly, all of them are quite good. This is a musical account of their progression as a band since 2009-2010. It was recorded by Matt Withrow of MGW Audio and mastered by Mike Abiuso (SwitchBitch Records, The Venetia Fair).

There are guitar melodies and pop vocals in here that are downright pretty (but maybe you shouldn’t tell them that, at least not to their faces). There is also some damned impressive guitar playing as well. The band features Zachary St. Paul and Matt Magnell on vocals/guitar, Bobby Magnell playing bass/vocals and Steven Kunevich on drums/vocals. Their debut EP was “I Like It Better In My Basement” (Oct 2011).

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