The Mix has a compelling and powerful classic rock sound. They have an even more powerful message. Based in Braunschweig, Germany, this 11-piece rock ensemble (guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocalists) is comprised mostly of people with autism and other disabilities, and their goal is to promote inclusion and equality while celebrating and showcasing each band member’s individual talents. Founder Peter Savic says that the group uses their musical gift “to develop a reputation as ambassadors for people with disabilities.”

The Mix will make their North America debut beginning with a show at Pianos in New York City on Sunday, September 14 (see dates below). Members of The Mix believe that writing and performing music offers those with disabilities a sense of creative expression which they are often deprived of. The rock music platform gives this unique band the chance to “liberate their souls.” Their motto is “Let me be the way I am.”

The Mix group shot

The Mix group shot

As you listen to their music, you’ll quickly realize that this is no mere novelty act, but rather professional and gifted musicians. They currently enjoy a solid fan base in Germany, England, Denmark and even Africa. There are plans for tours in France and Australia. But for now, they’re poised to conquer North America.

The Mix September Tour Dates

Sunday, Sept. 14th: Pianos (New York, NY)
Monday, Sept. 15th: The Fire (Philadelphia, PA)
Tuesday, Sept. 16th: The Electric Maid (Washington, DC)
Thursday, Sept. 18th: The Cave (Toronto, ON)
Friday Sept. 19th: Zaphod Beeblebrox (Ottawa, ON)
Sunday, Sept. 21st: The Middle East (matinee) (Cambridge, MA)

The Mix: web | facebook

Wo geht die Reise hin (Where Are We Headed?)

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