Sarah Negahdari presents us with a magical gift.

Sarah Negahdari presents us with a magical gift.

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Miss Sarah Negahdari, shamanic banshee of Happy Hollows, rockin’ pop-up bassist extraordinaire for Silversun Pickups and musical sorceress for her own incredibly amazing and breathtaking side project, Pisces. This elfin fairy princess of the Silverlake/Echo Park musical kingdom possesses a giant’s treasure trove of talent.

The long-anticipated debut album from Pisces is a masterpiece. It’s bursting with all the pixie dust otherworldly beauty, gentle pastel swirls of painted horses, unfurled psychedelic fury, acoustic and electric guitar magic and ethereal, angelic voices that define its creator. The first video, “Being With You,” flows as beautifully and dives as deeply as the song that inspired it. Sarah, the woodland creature, kiddie pool princess, conjurer, seashell collector, daydreamer, city dweller, painted unicorn, keeper of the colored orbs, folksinger, whirling dervish, mermaid.

Immerse yourself in the deep, mysterious waters of Pisces and support this fine, fine artist.

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