Photo by Evan McKnight

Photo by Evan McKnight

Ah, these guys warm my ’80s goth heart. Brooklyn-based The Midnight Hollow will bring a smile of recognition to fans of bands like Simple Minds and Echo and the Bunnymen, but they also have psychedelic and experimental moments that combine to create something you can get quite lost in. They’ll be releasing their debut full-length album, The People Inside, next year. For now, have a listen to the first single, “Forward.”

The Midnight Hollow is singer and multi instrumentalist Spencer Draeger and Andrew Segreti on drums. Matt Liebowitz (bass), Vahak “V” Janbazian (percussion)
and Katie Lee Campo (keyboards) join them for live performances. Their first song, “Downstairs,” came out in 2013, as part of a compilation album on Zappruder Records. Back in the summer, they released a video for “Her Morning Glow,” which they modeled on psychedlic cult classics of the 1960s. Their debut EP included the spacy, hypnotic “Rabbit Talk.”

That should be more than enough to whet your appetite until next year’s new music, which will hopefully include some touring. If you’re in New York, they’ll be playing with Motel Pools on January 3 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn.

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