Chief Ghoul might not have been the best name choice for Lee Miles’ musical project. The name suggests, if not an ear-splitting death metal band, then maybe a punk band that plays seasonally at Halloween inside haunted houses. It might be considered “spooky alt-country folk rock,” but lo-fi acoustic guitar strumming and bluesy late-night graveyard vocals make his personal brand of storytelling quite tasty and, in my opinion, not scary at all. In fact, I find this music to be rather comforting, but that may just be me. Mr. Ghoul will be releasing his third album, appropriately titled III, which is due out in the spring. Meanwhile, you can enjoy (or be frightened by) the debut single, “Done Dabbled.” The song portrays his audience as “dabblers” (as in dabblers in the occult). The album was recorded in three short days at Chicago’s The Nook Recording Studio, produced by Nick Nativo.

Hailing from Chicago, Chief Ghoul cites King Dude, Bob Dylan and The Dutchess and the Duke as major influences. He has two other albums, the second of which is Songs From The Dusk (2013). And oh my, just feast your ears on some delicious slide guitar and haunting blues vocals in a song from that second album, “Raise This River.” In 2015, Chief Ghoul will be getting out on the road and touring, so keep an eye out and exorcise (or just exercise) some demons.

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