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Introducing… Echo Bloom

photo by John Whitlock

photo by John Whitlock

Exploding the concept that a band has to stay confined within a particular genre in order to appeal to their core audience, Brooklyn orchestral folk band Echo Bloom are currently on album #2 of a genre-conceptual trilogy (coincidentally, we’re currently on band #2 of a trilogy of Brooklyn-based bands; spooky!). The first album was Blue (chamber pop), a study of orchestral folk with acoustic guitar, piano, organ, banjo, mandolin, glockenspiel, autoharp, percussion, strings, French horn and beautiful harmonies. “Veins” is from that first release. The third album, Green, will be classic pop. Their second album, to be released early this year, is titled Red (country/shoegaze – or, as they say, bootgaze), and it will showcase a harder sound with guitar feedback and a driving beat along with their luscious 3-part harmonies. You can listen below to the first single, “Operator,” which begins slowly and then builds into a magnificent ship with sails unfurled.

The ensemble formed in 2009 (originally the Rosemont Family Reunion) and is led by vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Evans. He conceived the idea of the genre concept trilogy while living in Berlin and discovering German culture. He put together his six piece band and worked on the albums back in the U.S., in Brooklyn.

Keep an eye out for Red, and in the meantime, you can purchase “Operator” on iTunes.

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  1. Thanks so much Julie – I really appreciate it 🙂 We hope 2015 is a joyful and productive year for Echo Bloom, and it warms my heart to read this on it’s first day.

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