Photo Credit: Jaakko Mannien

Photo Credit: Jaakko Mannien

We’re not in the habit of covering heavy metal music, but I had to make an exception for Steve ‘n’ Seagulls. Once you check out this Finland band’s cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” you’ll immediately know why.

Yes, that’s right. A bunch of crazy hillbillies from Finland doing Appalachian bluegrass versions of heavy metal songs, dressed as deep South rednecks. Originally meant as some friends having fun goofing around in their front yard, which they had a friend of theirs film (no doubt accompanied by a copious amount of hooch), this country bumpkin take on the AC/DC classic turned into a YouTube sensation. Before they knew it, the damn thing went viral. Weirder still, they were instantly embraced by well-respected metal media such as Loudwire, Blammermouth, Revolver, Guitar World and Metal Sucks. So as it happens, 12,700,000+ views later (that’s twelve million), they find themselves on the revered metal label Spinefarm Records with a debut album called Farm Machine and bookings through the autumn, including festival appearances. Oh, and they happened to grab the #3 spot on Billboard’s Bluegrass Album chart. Truth indeed is stranger than fiction.

Mind you, this is no mere novelty act. Pukki Kaalinen (double bass, vocals), Wild Till Hiltunen (accordion, mandolin, Casio), Herman de German (banjo, guitar, vocals), Remmel (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin) and Puikkonen (drums, percussion, vocals) are quite simply astonishing musicians. You’ll laugh like hell and your jaw will drop simultaneously. Never has cheesy metal music sounded so good.

They’re performing shows in Sweden, Finland, Germany and elsewhere in Europe through the summer and into the fall. See their official site for all the dates and more info.

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