photo by Melanie Munsell

photo by Melanie Munsell

Something tells me that this new song from Coastwest Unrest’s fourth release, Black Desert Sweet Mojave (due out July 28 on Reclaim Records) won’t be getting a whole lot of commercial airplay. Which is a shame, really, as “All the F*ck You’s” is a beautifully melodic and poetic little beast of a number.

Coastwest Unrest has been around since 2009 with some personnel changes over the years, but centers around bothers Josh (drums) and Noah (vocals, guitar) Dickie. Their prior releases are Songs from the Desert (2009), Old Weird America (2010) and High Times on Lowly Streets (2013). They have a pretty irresistible vibe going, whether it’s something in a rootsy Americana vein or more “high desert” and owing quite a bit to their Las Vegas home. What ties it all together are intriguing lyrics and Noah’s low, relaxed and warm vocal style a la Matt Berninger.

For those on the West Coast, they have some shows coming up — Seattle on 7/21, Eugene on 7/22, Boise on 7/24 and Elko, Nevada on 7/25.

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