The subject matter of “Anime” by upstate New York duo Debris of Titan is a fantasy relationship with an anime lover, so it’s only right that the vibe is spacey, starry-eyed and psychedelic. Blending space music, psychedelia, freak folk, dream pop and hip-hop, this is pretty sophisticated music for a pair of multi-instrumentalists who aren’t yet old enough to get into the venues they would be playing in. So for now, they’re just writing, recording and releasing music, the latest of which was their second EP, On The Home Slope. Their first EP, released back in January, was Sappy Seasons. They’re gearing up for their debut album.

Winston Dunlop (Nova) and Michael Diaz (Fox) are actually seasoned veterans, having met in 5th grade and formed their first band, Retro Lake, when they were both 12. They released albums under that name in 2010 and 2012, and by the time they were 16, had already tired of their sound and name, changing both. Fans of bands like Joy Division and Animal Collective, they began experimenting with world music and other genres, adding different sounds to their dream pop and psychedelic palette. As the boys are now approaching legal drinking age, they’ll be able to support their debut album, when it comes out, with gigs at the clubs. Stay tuned!

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