Simply put, here’s a stunner of a video for a beautiful song by Iranan artist King Raam. It’s for “Closing Credits,” from his latest solo album A Day & A Year, just released in Iran on Noufe Records.

King Raam (a.k.a. Raam Emami) began as a singer-songwriter with his New York post-punk band Hypernova, which grew out of the underground Tehran music scene in the early 2000s. They played shows along with another Iranian band, The Yellow Dogs. King Raam’s solo career started with his 2011 release Songs of the Wolves. He has lived in NYC, LA and London, and went back to his homeland create this latest offering of incredibly powerful music. Described as “an Iranian Nick Cave,” Raam’s songs, sung in Arabic, are dramatic, mysterious and intense.

I can’t quite figure out where you can purchase this new album, so keep an eye out on his web site and social media places for more info.

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