photo by Ali Brant Photography

photo by Ali Brant Photography

Such a pretty start to the day this morning with all boy/all girl. This mixed-gender septet built their headquarters in a Lower East Side, New York City basement beneath a pawn shop, yet they have the vibe of a lush and elaborate Broadway musical. The sweet and glorious dual female vocals of Danielle Lovier and Jessie Rogowski burst forth from a lush string ensemble and percussive backdrop for a truly dramatic and charmingly retro presentation. Their music speaks of a simpler, gentler time. And can’t we all use that right about now?

Here’s the band performing their newest single “Andrea Amati” at the Mercury Lounge, back in July.

all boy/all girl began with the duo of vocalist/ukulelist, Danielle Lovier and double bassist, Nicholas Rahn. They performed covers on the streets of their native Philadelphia, and upon moving to New York City in 2012, assembled the rest of their ensemble, releasing their debut EP later that year. The members of all boy/all girl are as follows: Danielle Lovier (vocals/ukulele), Jessie Rogowski (vocals, guitar), Joshua Curry (guitars), Hannah Levinson (viola), Susan Mandel (cello), Nicholas Rahn (double bass) and Joey Campanella (drums).

Upon delving in deeper to their music, one hears elements of musical theater, sprinklings of jazz and something more experimental that takes them into more mysterious waters. This makes perfect sense, since Lovier’s background was as a musical theater major with punk and hardcore pedigree (strange though that seems), and Rahn’s inclination is toward the more experimental and free-form. Together and with the rest of the group, they have a spirited and quirky feel that keeps the level of intrigue high.

After releasing their debut album Tiny Inglesia in October 2013, they toured throughout the U.S. and Europe. In March of 2015, they released their Trophy EP. The recording was mixed by Machines With Magnets.

Definitely keep this experimental and vivacious ensemble on your radar!

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