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Introducing… VenueIQ

Have you ever purchased tickets to a show in a town you’ve never been to and wondered what the venue was like? How’s the parking? What type of seating is there? Is the sound any good?

VenueIQ has been created as “a Yelp for event venues” (sports, concerts or live theater). This is a great site where users can sign up and write reviews about their favorite venues. You can also contact them to suggest venues that should be added.

In the Boston/Cambridge area, for example, I see several key venues that aren’t yet listed, such as Brighton Music Hall, Cafe 939, Great Scott, The Middle East, Berklee Performance Center, Somerville Theater and Club Passim.

I’m not sure if there’s a “cutoff” in terms of size, but of course there are others like Arts at the Armory, the Lizard Lounge, Midway Cafe, Cantab Lounge, O’Brien’s Pub, P.A.’s Lounge and Precinct. Anyway, register with the site, log in and weigh in on your favorite places to see live music! (and, of course, your least favorite ones).

While I’m here, if you’re a musician interested in playing somewhere and are wondering about capacity and contact information, visit our Band Resources page. It’s a tough world out there if you’re a struggling indie band and information is vital. Which leads us nicely into a little advance promotion for our final post of 2015, which will be a ‘State of the Music Industry’ diatribe. Be on the lookout, and buckle up. It’s bound to be a bumpy ride.

VenueIQ: web | facebook | twitter | instagram

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  1. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for this post on VenueIQ and for all your suggestions of venues that we should include on the site. Just wanted to let you know that pages for those venues you mentioned are live and ready for your reviews!

    We’re constantly adding new venues to the site, and the goal is to have all kinds of venues represented, whether it’s a coffee shop that holds 10 people, a small club for 100 people, or an arena that can fit 10,000 fans. So there’s not really a “cut off” in terms of venue size at this point. If someone has something to say about a venue they visited, we’ll be happy to add it! Please send any missing venues to

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