For some pretty, melodic and rather day-dreamy, ethereal indie pop, have look and listen to the music of Don Vail. On this latest recording, he was joined by some talented musicians — David Dunham and Bill Priddle (whom he’s worked with previously) plus Bob Wilcox, Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star), Kori Pop and Luke Bentham (The Dirty Nil).

This video of psychedelic eye candy was directed by David Dunham, with video production by DIVORCE. The video credits also reveal that the flower footage was directed by Mitch Bowden, and I’d like to say a word about that flower. I was a little disappointed that even after all that water, the glass flower did not grow. But the music is still lovely.

Their debut self-titled release came out in 2009, and they’ve just released Fades. As one swims deeper into the waters of this new album, the music takes some unexpected turns into electronic space territory. Have a nice trip.

If you like what you hear (and how could you not?), order it online from iTunes.

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