Sometimes it all just gets to be too much, doesn’t it? The walls closing in, life’s seemingly endless cacophony of instructions and tasks, status seeking and stresses. And then there’s Lárus Sigurðsson, whose ethereal, meditative music just is. Imagine a crystal clear lake in the still of winter, surrounded by stately trees covered with fresh snow, so quiet you can hear your heart beating. You feel your mind slowly come to a point of rest, devoid of civilization’s clutter. Serenity.

Being from Iceland, Sigurðsson knows a thing or two about clear bodies of water in the pristine stillness of winter. With his experimental ‘ambient guitar’ and homemade musical instruments, this talented composer and multi-instrumentalist creates a magical portal through which you can leave your reality for a little while. Step through the “Entry by the Wolf Door.”

Lárus Sigurðsson is a formally trained musician and artist. He studied classical guitar at the College of Music in Iceland, musical instrument making at Emerson College in the U.K., had art teacher training at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and studied Art Theory at the University of Iceland. He has released six albums, the latest of which is We Are Told That We Shine, just released on the Dutch label Volkoren. On it, he is joined by Ólafur Josephsson (electric guitar soundscapes), Fredrik Robertson Boulter and Laura Wolfgang (choir), Angel Welp (cello) and Claire Ouille (violin). It was mixed and mastered by Jan Borger. The album can be purchased at

Lárus Sigurðsson: bandcamp
Volkoren: facebook

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