There’s nothing whatsoever smelly about the unfortunately named Poo Poo Patrol. In fact, this Boston/New York musical project is all about dreampop and whimsy, with minimalist experimental folk, a few sprinkles of electronics, tuneful harmonies and spacy or downright silly lyrics. I’m not sure what to make of “Thieves” (“Thievery of mind, spread through time all alone in the sun, it’s fun to track, the sand beetles along my back”), but I quite like the sentiments of “Wind Music” —

All the dirt here
Is earthquaking
Solid footing
Can’t be found
Miles under underground
Where there isn’t any sound”

These unusual and quirky experimental folk tunes are some delightful ear candy. The band just released their debut EP Nonguise. The mood gets rather rambunctious “Deep in the Rambles,” almost turning into a wacky Broadway musical towards the end. “Mice” begins as a piano ballad and breaks out into a something akin to a rock opera. These guys are weird. I like them.

Lucky New Yorkers can catch the band on June 24 at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom.

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