Don’t let her soft, sweet appearance fool you. Lara Maxen is, as her Twitter profile warns, a New York based savage. Pure and simple. If you don’t believe me, have a listen to her third single, ‘Bite The Bullet’.

The song was co-written with Oktavian and Mickey Valen and produced by Valen. And, hard to believe, that’s not the third single of her third or fourth album — it’s her third single ever. Incredible.

“The world is spinning out of our control
You just have to wait until it slows down
See, I don’t got the time to drag you back to life
So grab your chance while still I got fucks to give
‘Cause I’m at the speed at light, so better hold on tight
We’re gonna break the ice that you’re sleeping in

What the fuck are you waiting for?
Don’t you pull it, gonna do it
What the fuck are you waiting for?
Don’t be foolish, bite the bullet”

Good advice.

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