Say what!? Yes, it’s true. Eric Bachmann (Archers of Loaf, Crooked Fingers) is looking for some cozy living rooms for October up and down the East Coast (plus a few places in Florida) where he can serenade you, your family and 40-60 other people. It’s appropriately being called his “Living Room Tour,” and he just started the August leg of it. See dates below. For this new set of October dates, he’s asking interested hosts to submit a few photos of their living room for consideration. It’s being sponsored by The Undertow Music Collective and they have all the important information on their website. The deadline is August 5, so if you have the space and would like to see Eric Bachmann performing up-close and personal (and not have to go anywhere), submit your living room today!

Here’s a video I filmed when Eric and his band were at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge back in April. Not a living room, but almost.

Regarding the August dates, tickets are obviously very limited (and some shows are already sold out) but there are still a handful for certain locations. You can buy tickets here.

Eric Bachmann’s Living Room Tour

Tue, August 2 : Nashville TN
Wed, August 3 : St. Louis MO
Thur, August 4 : Madison WI
Fri, August 5 : Milwaukee WI
Sat, August 6 : Chicago IL
Sun, August 7 : Cincinnati OH
Mon, August 8 : Knoxville TN
Tue, August 16 : Greensboro NC
Wed, August 17 : Richmond VA
Thur, August 18 : Washington DC
Fri, August 19 : Cleveland OH
Sat, August 20 : Columbus OH
Sun, August 21 : Lexington KY
Mon, August 22 : Brevard NC

October Living Room Tour – Venues T.B.A.

Wed 10/5 : Orlando FL
Thu 10/6 : Tampa FL
Fri 10/7 : Gainesville FL
Thu 10/13 : New York City Area
Fri 10/14 : New Haven or Hartford CT
Sat 10/15 : Boston MA Area
Sun 10/16 : Portland ME
Mon 10/17 : Burlington VT
Tue 10/18 : Albany NY
Wed 10/19 : New York City Area

Eric Bachmann web | facebook | twitter

The Undertow Music Collective web | facebook | twitter

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